Engineering Services

What’s the first link in the machine vision chain? Lighting and optics. We offer engineering services tailored to your needs:

  • Front end design (image acquisition)
  • Lighting design for machine vision, gauging, bioassay
  • Optical consulting
  • Gauging application consulting

It doesn't matter how good your hardware and software is if you can't get a good image in the first place. In their paper Machine Vision: Proverbs, Principles. Prejudices & Priorities, Bruce Batchelor and Paul Whelan state:

" part of a vision system should be made more complicated because a sloppy attitude has been adopted during the design of other parts. A particularly common error is the tendency to concentrate on the image processing, to the detriment of the image acquisition."

Maybe it's the Front End

Light Works recognizes this problem and offers our expertise in optics and lighting to machine vision OEMs, systems integrators and end users.

We have the experience and proven track record of designing complex optical systems for machine vision and sensors used in industries as diverse as glass, plastics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, data storage, electronics and packaging.

With over twenty-five years' experience going from design, to lab bench, to fabrication and installation, we know what it takes to make machine vision work in the real world.

Don’t throw away another $10K or $100K trying to solve your imaging problems with hardware and software when the real cause might be at the "front-end."

Call Light Works and let us help you focus on the solution!