Hyper-Eye™ Hypercentric Lenses

Whether you're inspecting caps, containers, batteries or bolts, Hyper-Eye gives you a unique perspective.  See everything with one camera.

When used in normal mode, Hyper-Eye hypercentric/pericentric lenses provide a converging view, as if aimed at a single point called the Convergence Point (CP). The volume that can actually be well-imaged is contained within an imaginary truncated cone called the Near View Cone (NVC). This is the blue hatched region of the diagram. The dimensions of this region are T, B and Max WD.

For standard Hyper-Eye lenses, T ranges from 15.2mm to 25.6mm, B from 35.3mm to 51.2mm, and MaxWD from 28mm to 42mm.

For our High Angle Hyper-Eye hypercentric/pericentric lenses, T ranges from 37mm up to 77.5mm, B from 9.9mm to 21.9mm, and MaxWD from 19.7mm to 53.3mm.  Furthermore, the High Angle models have Maximum View Angles (MVA) up to 38 degrees!

As is usual for Light Works, we frequently provide custom solutions, often for only a small premium in terms of time and money. Just ask.

(Click below for detailed specifications of the Hyper-Eye hypercentric/pericentric lens models)


For our new HA-HE-25nnnn series of compact hypercentric lenses, see here:



Hyper-Eye™ Long Stand-off Borescope

A converging view, however, is only part of the "magic" that Hyper-Eye brings to your assistance. The other part is serving as a long stand-off borescope. Just add a 0.5mm to 1.5mm spacer between Hyper-Eye and your camera, re-focus, and now you can view the ID of objects, even those with very small openings. The best part is that unlike standard borescopes, Hyper-Eye gives you a lot of working distance from the object. You no longer have to worry about parts crashing into the lens, or sweating how to introduce illumination. For more detail check out the the following document, or contact us.


And for our new compact Hyper-Eye HA-HE-25nnnn series, see the links above.