Hyper-Eye™ Example Images

The following were captured using different Hyper-Eye (hypercentric/pericentric) lenses, either in standard converging view mode, or "peephole" borescope mode. (Scroll down for newer images.)



Ported Cylinder (approx. 5/8" diam.)


C Battery

Interior of Car Oil Filter 

(viewed through 3/4" hole)

Copy of 35X100mmID2.png
Copy of Gluestick2.png
Pipe ID: 35mm x 100mm deep

Glue Stick

39mm Shaft with Clip

Medicine Bottle & Cap


Hex Nut

Cylindrical Filter Screen with Defect


Longer Ported Cylinder (exterior)

Pipe Cap ID; 1" Thread



Interior View of Can

Foreign Matter in Can

HEHA257516_6_32Caphead_300x300.png 6_32CapheadWithDefect_300x300.png

6-32 Caphead with Defect


Caphead View (from compact Hyper-Eye)


HEHA257516_cleanser_300x300.png CleanserInterior_300x300.png

Cleanser Can View Through Hole


Cleanser Can Interior


HEHA257516_threeeighthsthreadID_300x300.png  ThreeEighthsThreadInterior_300x300.png 

3/8" Specialty Nut 


Female Thread View


 HEHA257516_PerfPart_300x300.png PerfPartInterior_300x300.png 

Another Ported Cylinder


Ported Cylinder Interior


HEHA257516_SmallBottleThru6mmHole_300x300.png  BottleThru6mmHoleInterior_300x300.png 
Bottle with 6mm Hole  Interior as Viewed Through Hole (with foreign matter)