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Using Telecentric Lenses in Inspection Systems

Telecentric Lenses Achieve Precise Measurements

Machine Vision 4 Users (BLOG)

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Non-Contact International The makers of the remarkable instrument CentriScan.

If you need to gauge transparent or mildly translucent products such as glass or plastic tubing/pipes, vials and ampules, preforms for blow molding plastic bottles, or medical tubing, you really have to look into CentriScan. What kind of gauging?

  • Outer surface shape
  • Wall thickness
  • Concentricity of inner and outer surfaces

Accuracy is 0.0025mm regardless of "wedging" between the inner and outer walls or lack of concentricity. The optics and system technology doesn't correct for these errors, it eliminates them!

Industrial Eye  Brian King and his team really know how to do machine vision right!

Way-2C  For automated color-based recognition or inspection, go here. Seriously.

 Bruce Batchelor's Machine Vision  Professor Batchelor is a well-recognized expert in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine vision among other things. His Machine Vision Handbook will be coming out soon. Check out this site, that includes the very useful and idea-inspiring "Lighting and Viewing Methods."