LIGHT IDEAS: Technical Tips

Here we offer tips and tricks about machine vision optics and lighting. This is a (mostly) "no sell" zone. We won't be pushing our products, just presenting technical advice that we hope will be useful.

If you have any particular questions or subjects you'd like addressed, let us know. Contact

Light Ideas #1: Isaac Newton, C-mount Lenses and You. A guide to calculating magnification, object distance, and image distance, especially with c-mount lenses. LightIdeas01_Oct2010Update_01.pdf 

Light Ideas #2: How Do I Make a Telecentric System. Sort of self-explained. Advice and equations for "rolling your own" telecentric lenses. LightIdeas02_Oct2010Update_01.pdf

Light Ideas #3: Do White Bears Have Polar Eyes? Beginning notes in using polarizers for contrast enhancement. LightIdeas03_Oct2010Update_01.pdf 

Light Ideas #4: Magnification, f-number, and Depth of Field (DOF). Three related concepts with which every machine vision practitioner should be familiar. LightIdeas04_Oct2010Update_01.pdf

Light Ideas #5: Circular Polarizers for Low-Angle Reflection Reduction. One nice technique for reducing errors when back lighting shiny objects. (1.1 MB) LightIdeas05_Oct2010Update_01.pdf

Light Ideas #6: Color Filters to Reduce Optical Crosstalk. Viewing and illuminating the same object from multiple directions can cause interference. Here's one way to reduce the problem.  LightIdeas06_Dec2010_01.pdf

Light Ideas #7: Cleaning Optics. Part 1 discusses best practices. Part 2 presents some field expedients. Not for the faint of heart! LightIdeas07_May2011_01.pdf

Light Ideas #8: Collimated Light with Telecentric Lenses. This 4 part article discusses alignment issues, advantages and disadvantages, and a cool special variation we call Collimated Dark! LightIdeas08_Oct2011_01.pdf

Light Ideas #9: Homemade Hypercentric Lenses. For the budget conscious, or just those interested in exploring some neat effects. We offer some notes on building your own Fresnel-based hyprecentric lenses. LightIdeas09_Jan2012_01.pdf

Light Ideas #10: Light Pollution Solution (reducing optical crosstalk). This one is a little specialized, but the technique of using filters to reduce optical crosstalk between two views of the same object can be applied many places. Be creative! LightIdeas10_May2012_01.pdf

Light Ideas #11: Lenses for BIG detectors and high magnification. Lenses for multi-megapixel cameras and long linear arrays just have to be very expensive, right? Not necessarily.  LightIdeas11_Aug2012_01.pdf