Adjustable Field Splitter Saves Money and Headaches

Do you need to see the same object from different angles, view the ends or edges of large objects or webs, or inspect multiple different objects in different places, all while maintaining high resolution? Then you need the Adjustable Field Splitter (AFS), our patented optical view splitting system.

Don't add that second expensive line scan or high-end area scan camera -- add an Adjustable Field Splitter.

Light Works has basic AFS kits along with application notes and suggestions. We will be happy to confidentially discuss your specific needs in detail, and provide the optical engineering for your particular AFS application.

Take a look at how it works below. Then see some examples.  Finally, call us to find out how we can make Light Work for you!

1) The AFS threads onto the lens

2) A metallized prism splits the view into 2 (or more) fields

3) The optical path of each field travels down the "articulated periscope" arms. Each rotary joint is adjustable and lockable

4) Each arm of AFS views a different object, or two arms can view same object from different angles

5) Regardless of adjustment position or arm angle, for the configuration shown the optical path remains constant.  That means there's no need for re-focusing.