Optical Splitter Examples

The Adjustable Field Splitter (AFS) is our modular product. Over the years, however, we've designed and built dozens of other optical splitters for our customers. Here are some examples. Take a look at what can be done, then call us to discuss your application. You too can save thousands of dollars in extra camera costs!

Big90DegSplitterAndAircan.png AirCanView.png

Large field, 90 degree splitter

Two simultaneous views, one camera



4WaySplitterAngled.png 4WaySplitterAngled_battery.png

4-Way splitter, angled down

Views from 4-Way splitter




Opposite ends of one BNC adapter




5WaySplitter_Initiator.png BottleMouthID.png

5-Way: Top & side views of component

Bottle mouth ID: Splitter saves resolution



SteerableSplitterBoardimage.png SES38090DEGsplitter_sub2.png

Dual view for stereo processing

Compact splitter for 90 degree views



4WayForFibers.png 270um_test4_1.png

4-Way microview of moving fiber

270um fiber viewed from 4 sides





 Wide-Eye™ with very large splitter

 Wide-Eye™ and split view of large part