Wide-Eye™ and Other Telecentric Lenses

Wide-Eye is our patented reflective/refractive telecentric lens system. This special hybrid can provide large fields of view (FOV) with excellent image quality, but at a price that doesn't require a Defense Department budget. Typical field sizes are 145mm, 195mm, and even up to 300mm.

We've built many, many other special telecentric lenses over the years. These include long range (> 3 meters), huge depth of field (6 meters), and extremely large FOVs, up to 1 meter. Our Fresnel-based telecentric lenses are terrific options for less critical, non-gauging applications where large FOVs, but cost-effectiveness is required. The next time you have an "impossible" telecentric lens need, give us a try. We Make Light Work for You.

Telecentric Lens Examples

G_WideEye_280.png FresnelTelecentric_280.png



Fresnel telecentric lenses for 190mm FOV


WideEye2_280.png WE2_LongRangeLinescan_280.png

Wide-Eye™ II; industrial housing


Long range telecentric for linear cameras


 16inchFresnelTelecentric_280.png WideEye2_FoldedOptics_280.png

 16" View Fresnel Telecentric


Wide-Eye™ II with folded internal optics



 Your Special Telecentric Lens!

 Pipes viewed by 16" Fresnel telecentric lens