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Whether it's unmatched telecentric lenses, unique optical view splitters, or our amazing Hyper-EyeTM hypercentric/pericentric lenses, Light Works provides the optical tools that help you meet your biggest challenges.  Do you have an "impossible" inspection task that needs expert optical engineering? Maybe you just want a little friendly advice. Regardless, contact us.                    We Make Light Work for You!

Introducing: Compact Hyper-Eye

These hypercentric lenses provide 360° views of smaller objects. But they really shine when viewing little holes, or large interiors through narrow openings. Best of all, our new lenses have compact prices! Contact us to learn more about the new HA-HE-25nnnn series.

HAHE25nnnn_VertPair_101x175.png HAHE25nnnnCleanserCanCombo_350x175_01.jpg
HEHA25nnnn_ThreadIDCombo_350x175_01.png   HAHE25nnnnRectCanCombo_350x175_01.png



Optical Splitters   Telecentric Lenses
 Hypercentric Lenses               Standard & Custom                Superior Performance
SquareDie145x145.png            OppSidesBNC145.png          TelecentricMainGroup145.png
360 Degree Views   Opposite Sides of Object   Super-EyeTM Telecentric lenses
Cbattery_entire145x145.png   4WaySplit_PopCan145x145.png   WideEye145.png
Large and Small Objects   4-Way Views   Wide-EyeTM Telecentric lenses
quartertwentybore145.png   AirCanTop145x145.png   FresnelTelecentric145.png
 Long Stand-off Borescope    90 Degree Views & More    Economical Fresnel Telecentric lenses


Creative Optical Solutions


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